I mentioned that this post would be about the power of naming.  The past month has been a season of naming many different things.  Some of these things have been easy to name; some have been painful to prize from the soil of ourselves.

I would like to name a lot of things, too many things to hold in a single blog post.  So I return to a favorite word from my childhood and offer it to you:


This word works because it holds so many meanings:  hello, goodbye, I love you, take care.  Yet the word also evokes the qualities of a soft voice, a warm hug, and a string of flowers.  I wish that I could place a garland of plumeria blossoms over all of your shoulders and say my blessing to you.  I will do this in my mind.  In person, I will simply say, “Aloha.”

This is my last blog post for Houston Kahu.  In the future you can find me blogging by the sea at Charleston Kahu.  I will no longer be Covenant’s minister; just a friend and fellow traveler.

Over the next few weeks, we will find ways of blessing each other for the paths ahead.  You are welcome to name what you need to name here, to bless what you need to bless, and to share what you need to share.

I am grateful to have shared ten years of life and ministry with you.