the labyrinth at Covenant

Over the next few weeks, as my ministry focuses on transition, I’ll spend my time recycling papers, packing boxes, meeting with people, sharing meals, preparing written material for the council, and so on.  I won’t have the usual amount of time to spend on creative writing, so I am seizing the rare opportunity to revisit a few of my favorite pieces of writing.

As I consider ten years of writing, a few favorite sermons spring immediately to mind:  the story of a poignant episode of M*A*S*H woven into the Hebrew lament tradition, a description of a baseball game as an existential object lesson in living with ambiguity, an image of Harvey Milk as a patron saint of gay and straight liberation, a scene of a woman on the edge suddenly bowled over by the starry night sky.

Other writing comes to mind as well.  So many years.  So many pages.  And only time to offer a glimpse of the theology that holds them all together.

I am mostly decided on the shape of the next few weeks.  But I write to ask those of you who have listened to or read my sermons which ones made an impression on you.  What stories moved you?  What questions haunted you?  What theology did you hear in the stories we’ve been telling together?

After so many years of writing, I can’t wait to read you answers.

With aloha,